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Academic Club End of Year Trip to Chicago 2019

5-4-19:  Thank you for a great trip to Chicago!  Maybe words of appreciation and kindness were received on behalf of the students of our trip.  While there was some rain and a dreary day, we were able to pull off another jam-packed fun itinerary of Chicago and the University of Notre Dame.  Continue to check back for exciting news we are releasing regards next year's Academic End of the Year Cultural Trip and location. 
4-26-19:  Parents who were unable to attend the departure meeting on 4/25 can find the documents in the downloads section of this web page (ride side links).   Please make sure that your child has turned in ALL required paperwork (permission form, emergency med, and behavior contract).  These are required prior to departure!  Please see Mr. Smith or Mr. Baughman if you don't know if you are missing anything.   Thank you for your support!
4-25-19:  Parent Meeting (Departure Meeting) at 6:30 P.M. on Thursday April 25 in The Nest 
3-14-19:  Students received paperwork that will need completed by Wednesday April 17.  Additional copies are available of the download section of this website.  Please note!  If your child takes any prescription or over-the-counter medication, a medication form signed by a doctor is required.  Please see the instructions on the cover sheet.  Thank you!
2-13-19:  Students met with Mr. Smith for a Chicago meeting during homeroom.  Roommate forms were distributed...each student will need to turn in a roommate form.  See Mr. Smith if you need an extra form.  A reminder that the final payment of $275.00 will be due by March 22, 2019.   Thank you! 
1-23-19:  This trip is SOLD OUT.  Please email Mr. Smith if you want your child added to a wait list if there are any cancelations.  A reminder to reserved attendees that the second payment ($250.00) is due Monday, February 11th!
1-17-19:  Trip is Selling Out:  There are currently 2 available seats left for the Chicago trip.  A $50.00 w/ academic eligibility will secure your seat/slot.  
1-7-19:  Trip is Selling Out:  There are currently 10 available seats left for the Chicago trip.  A $50.00 w/ academic eligibility will secure your seat/slot. 
1-3-19:  Winter Raffle Rundraiser--  Tickets are available to sell!  Earn money off of your trip!....$2 automatically for every ticket sold with the chance to win an extra $100 of your YOUR trip if you sell a winning ticket.  Check out the handout highlighted below.
See Mr. Smith for tickets! 
**Reminder!**  The second trip payment of $250.00 is due Monday, February 11th.  Please begin to plan Mr. Smith if there are questions or issues.   Thank you!
12-6-18:  Winter Raffle Fundraiser...(2nd academic club fundraiser of the year) begins Monday, December 17th.  Tickets will be available for students during lunchtime.  Please see this handout which explains procedures.  Fundraising is always optional.  Any questions, please see Mr. Smith.  Do you need additional tickets to sell??  No worries....see Mr. Smith.
11-28-18:  Butter Braid Fundraising Forms are due by Friday November 30th (note new date);  Delivery of Butter Braid Items will be in Room 306 at Brookside Middle School on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 from 2:45-4:00 p.m.  Notice!!  This product is FROZEN and must be picked up during this timeframe!  Keep all product frozen!
Email me with questions/issues:  -Mr. Smith 
11-14-18:  Thank you to those who were able to attend the introductory meeting for the Academic Club End of the Year Trip to Chicago 2019.  For those parents unable to attend, please find the distributed information in the download section of this web page.  Students interested in participating in the Butter Braid Fundraiser should see Mr. Smith or Mr. Baughman for fundraising order forms.  
The Brookside Middle School Academic Club is excited to announce that the end of the year trip will be Chicago!  This end of year trip is open to any 7th or 8th grade student who receives a 3.0 GPA for the first semester of the school year.   
Please reserve May 1-3, 2019 on your calendar for this year's trip (currently pending board approval).
An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. (note new time!) in The Nest.  Handouts and our first fundraising opportunity will be announced.  Fundraising is optional.
Please continue to check back to this BMS Academic Club web page for future announcements, reservation information, and handouts.


Mr. Smith
School Social Worker
Phone: (440) 949-4213
Fax:  (877) 664-4354 


Itinerary and eligibility/payment deadlines for the 2019 end of the year academic club field trip to Chicago.
Roommate form due to Mr. Smith by March 8.
**due Wed April 17** Paperwork for those students attending the end of the year trip to Chicago 2019.
Final parent/departure meeting handouts distributed on April 25th. If you have any questions after reviewing the documents, please email Mr. Smith
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