The Acceptable Use Policy that you signed prohibits any activity that would circumvent the districts content filter or firewall.  Any attempt to do this via https, VPN or any other means on a district owned computer OR your own personal device is a violation of the AUP. Students caught using this software will be subject to discipline at the schools discretion.  
When you are using the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Technology Service, it may feel like you can more easily break a rule and not get caught. This is not true because whenever you do something on a network you leave "electronic footprints." Therefore, by reviewing the "electronic footprints" the person who broke the rule can and will be discovered. Further, the fact that you can do something or think you can do something without being caught does not make it right to do so. Even if you don't get caught, there is always one person who will know whether you have done wrong - and that person is you. Your use of the Internet can be a mirror that will show you what kind of a person you are.
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