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Philadelphia/Gettysburg- Informational Timeline

1-22-20:  The Philadelphia trip is SOLD OUT!  All seats for the academic club end of the year trip are filled.  We will now begin a wait-list for those interested in attending.  If a student cancellation or removal occurs, we will fill the seats in the order of the seat list.  If interested in being on the wait list, a PARENT must email Mr. Smith ([email protected]) to be placed on the wait list. 
12-20-19:  Winter Raffle Fundraiser begins!  Winter Raffle tickets are now available for students to sell.  The informational flyer and example ticket are available by clicking on the links in the downloads section of this web page.  Please contact Mr. Smith (even over Winter break) if you need more tickets.  Arrangements can be made for ticket pick-up.
12-9-19:  Payments are processed at the end of the week.  Receipts will be returned to homeroom teachers who then distribute them to students.  Please expect your receipt approximately a week after it is turned in.  Please contact Mr. Smith if you feel that a payment was not received. Thank you for your continued support.    
12-9-19:  PowerPoint and Parent Meeting Information is available on the website.   Parents (and students) who were unable to attend the informational parent meetings may view the powerpoint presentation and informational handouts by clicking on them on this web page (see right side under Downloads).  Please contact Mr. Smith if you have any questions after you review the material.  We are still accepting reservations for students to attend.
12-6-19:  Butter Braid Pastry Fundraiser-  Students participating in the butter braid pastry fundraiser should turn in all order forms and money by Monday, December 9th.  Pick-up for this fundraiser will be held on Wednesday, December 18th from 2:00-4:00 PM.  Students may take items home on the bus (if small order/able), be a car-rider that day, or have a parent/adult pick-up items.  Items will be available for pick-up from the MIDDLE SCHOOL cafeteria (Nest).  A reminder sheet will be distributed to students who participated in this fundraiser.  Thank you!  
Introductory Informational Meetings
Please note!  The informational meetings for the Academic Club end of the year trip will be held on the following dates:
Thursday, November 14, 2019  (6:30-7:30 P.M.)-- held in BIS cafeteria  (**note change of date due to district scheduling conflicts!)
Wednesday, November 20, 2019  (6:30-7:30 P.M.)-- held in BMS (Nest/Cafe) 
Both meetings will contain the same information, therefore you have the abiliyt to choose either meeting to attend (regardless if your child is in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade).
Thank you for your continued support!  -Mr. Smith 

Winter Raffle! -Academic Club Fundraiser

Winter Raffle Fundraiser 

Students who wish to earn money off of their end-of-the-year trip to Philadelphia should participate in the Winter Academic Club Raffle Fundraiser.  Tickets are available from the main office or Mr. Smith.
Tickets are $5 each and are good for the Week of January 20th.  There will be a prize drawing each day...Adults who win get the prize amounts listed below:
2020 Winners! --- 
Monday, January 20:  $100  ---  Julie Shultz  -ticket sold by Alexandra S!
Tuesday, January 21:  $100 ---   Sherry Benedict  -ticket sold by Emily C!
Wednesday, January 22:  $200  ---  Jason Lowson  --ticket sold by Hannah R!
Thursday, January 23:  $200 ---  Norma Skaggs  --ticket sold by Emma B!
Friday, January 24:  $300 ---  Mark Pyne  --ticket sold by Virginia R!
Students earn $2 off of their trip for each ticket sold.  Student seller of the winning ticket also earns $100 off the cost of their end of the year trip.  Students have these opportunities to maximize their fundraising efforts.

Philadelphia/Gettysburg 2020 (Academic Club End of the Year trip)

The Brookside Middle School Academic Club is excited to announce that this year's end of the year trip will be to Philadelphia & Gettysburg!  This end of year trip is open to any middle school 7th or 8th grade student who receives a 3.0 GPA for the first semester of the school year.   As an exciting transition opportunity and incentive, we will also offer this trip to 6th grade students at Brookside Intermediate School.  6th grade students will need to earn a 3.0 GPA for the first semester of the school year and earn behavioral clearance (no egregious behaviors or excessive office referrals).  You may recall that 6th graders had an opportunity to go on this trip when we were housed in one building (former Sheffield Middle School).

Please reserve April 29-May 1, 2020 on your calendar for this year's trip.

Please note the following dates throughout the 2019-2020 school year:

September 17-October 8: (extended to October 10)-- Fall Bulb & Flower Seed Sale-  first fundraiser of the school year for Philadelphia/Gettysburg.  All students may participate.  Forty percent (40%) or all sales will be credited to each student's account.  Students who sell earn money off of their individual trip!   Online ordering:   ==sale has closed==

**Be sure to include the student name in the comments section of the online order so the student gets credit!**  

Fundraiser (Flower/Bulb sale)

The first fundraiser will kick-off on Tuesday, September 17th and will run through October 8th.  Students who participate are given this opportunity to reduce their personal trip cost (40% of all sales towards their trip).  Note:  Fundraising is optional and there will be other fundraiser opportunities throughout the year.

Paper order forms (and catelogs) can be requested through Mr. Smith. 

Fundraisers are provided as an opportunity to earn money off of a student trip.  Monies earned can be used ONLY for academic club events.  Proceeds from individual sales are for the benefit of academic club use and have no reimbursed cash value (money cannot be refunded to students or transferred to another school program/lunch account). 

November 13:  **new date**  November 14  BIS-   Parent meeting/presentation/questions & answers regarding the academic end of the year trip to Philadelphia/Gettysburg.  Meeting held at 6:30 P.M. in the BIS Cafeteria (1812 Harris Rd.)  Butter Braid/Cookie Dough fundraiser held November 13-December 6.  (earn money off your individual trip)

November 20:   BMS-   Parent meeting/presentation/questions & answers regarding the academic end of the year trip to Philadelphia/Gettysburg.  Meeting held at 6:30 P.M. in the BHS/BMS Cafeteria "The Nest" (1662 Harris Rd.)  Butter Braid/Cookie Dough fundraiser held November 13-December 6. (earn money off your individual trip)

April 23:  Final departure meeting (required for all students and parents) held in the BHS/BMS Cafeteria (1662 Harris Rd.) 6:30 p.m.

Payment Schedule:

$50 deposit due asap (reserves a seat)- non-refundable deposit- last day to reserve a seat on the trip is January 28, 2020 if trip is not sold out prior to that deadline.

$250 (mid-payment) due by Monday, February 10, 2020  

$220 (final payment) due Monday, March 16, 2020 

Please continue to check back to this BMS Academic Club web page for future announcements, reservation information, and handouts.

Academic Club Introduction

Welcome to the web page for the Brookside Academic Club!
The Brookside Middle School Academic Club is a group designed to offer rewards, incentives, and recognition for students who excel in various aspects of academic life at Brookside.   Reward programs, recognition events, quarterly field trips, and a culminating end of year field trip are many of the unique opportunities that this group sponsors and coordinates.
The Academic Club is simple- complete your homework and earn merit, honor, or high-honor roll status during the school year.  Rewards are designed to improve motivation and recognize student achievement and/or excellence.  Events throughout the year can be random, spontaneous, or announced weeks ahead of time.
The BMS Academic Club is the official sponsor/coordinator of the annual end of the year overnight field trip for middle school.  This trip requires a 3.0 GPA in order to be eligible to attend.  More information distributed to students in September.
Continue to check back for additional updates as we roll-out our end of the year trip (announced in September) and other recognition events during the school year.
Please feel free to contact club advisor (Mr. Smith) using the contact information here on the webpage. 
Thanks for your interest!  Cardinal Pride, Community Wide! 


Mr. Smith
School Social Worker
Phone: (440) 949-4213
Fax:  (877) 664-4354 


Flyer regarding itinerary and initial parent meetings for the end of the year trip to Gettysburg and Philadelphia April 29-May 1, 2020
The powerpoint presentation from the November parent meetings is located here.
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