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Welcome to Ms. Fadenholz Physical Education class, where it is Fun to be Fit! 


Due to the COVID-19 All Physical Education activities will posted online.  Please stay tuned and keep in mind that now more than ever, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have questions or any difficulties accessing the provided information please email me @ [email protected]schools.org. Thank you for your support and cooperation to help provide your child with physical activities. 


Here are some ideas that your kids can do on their own or the whole family can do together:

  • family game night
  • shoot hoops or kick a soccer ball
  • walk the dog
  • explore a nearby park
  • turn on some music and dance
  • do chores that require some physical activity
  • If you haven’t seen Quizlet, it’s an awesome site for flashcards for all school subjects
  • FunBrain provides audio books, videos and games
  • National Geographic for kids has some great animal videos as well as games for your kids
  • For at-home craft ideas Good Housekeeping has 50 ideas for you
  • You can do it! Be strong, have a plan and don’t back down. Your child’s health is worth fighting for.

    Links are listed below.. 

    ***Reminder! Students need to register online for the American Heart Association. It is 100% Free and only takes about 3 minutes. Please click on the American Heart Association link or go to www.Heart.org/KidsHeartChallenge.
                                                                                        Hello, Heart Hero!
    Welcome to your first day of Kids Heart Challenge Virtual! We are so happy you’re joining students across the country!
                                                                                  Today’s theme is DANCE!
    In an effort to avoid potential stir-crazy chaos during school closures, your child will receive heart-healthy activities, tips and inspiring stories as a part of the Kids Heart Challenge’s Kick Cabin Fever to the Curb. We are excited to share these daily resources to help your family stay heart healthy.
    So, let’s get this dance party started – a great way to keep blood pumping and energy levels high. Not to mention a fun and easy way to get your family movin’ and groovin’
    Today, take a moment to learn one of the videos below, record your family’s dances and post to social media with the hashtag #kidsheartchallenge and #movemore.
    The instructional videos are available below. We can’t wait to see your family’s moves! 
    BIS Students Tweet a photo or video of you doing a physical activity @BISCardinals to show how you have been staying fit!!!   #Fit4Quarantine 

    Physical Challenges

    Ready for a race? Strap on your running shoes and challenge a friend or family member to a foot race! 

    March up and down the stairs once an hour, or walk to a farther restroom at home to stay moving!

    Schedule physical activity time on your work calendar today – and treat it like an important appointment.

    Did you know that walking briskly can help your health as much as running? --Get outside for a power walk!

    Choose a room in your home and do lunges from one side to the other.

    After you eat lunch, go for a walk around the block and clear your mind.

    Loosen you up so you can show us your dance moves! 
    Complete 100 jumping jacks (try 4 sets of 25) to get your heart beating and body moving

    Need an energizing break? --Stand up and do some basic strength and balance exercises!

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