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Welcome to Summer!
Dear Parents/Guardians,
   Who could have guessed when the year started that it would end the way it did?  It definitely was a unique year.  I want to thank you for first, entrusting the care and education of your children to me, and secondly, for your help and support during distance learning.  I think we made a pretty good team!  Reflecting on this year, I think the thing I missed the most was the time I lost just enjoying your children.  They were truly a class to remember.  Our Morning Meetings were a time to get to know them on such a personal level.  This class was full of ideas, insights, empathy, and energy for life.  I will not be forgetting this wonderful group of students and look forward to seeing them on their way to fifth grade next year.
   I know that you may have concerns about how next year will start.  I think we all do.  But let me reassure you by reminding you that the fifth grade team is a wonderful group of teachers who are well able to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.  You can be confident that your child will have a wonderful learning experience with these teachers. I feel especially proud that I can tell the fifth grade teachers that their incoming students did a remarkable job during the distance learning period.  They are ready for fifth grade!
   So set aside any worries that you may have and enjoy vacation with your families.  I wish you a happy, safe, and relaxing summer.
Mrs. Baughman
Resources from our school counselor! 
Our Connect teams webpage links.  Check them out!! 
Recent News: 
As a fourth grade team we are working together to provide common assignments during this time period while your child is at home. Please check your teacher's website each day for daily assignments. Assignments or activities will be posted by 10:00 am on the website. If you have difficulty accessing the provided information please contact me. Thank you for your support and cooperation to help provide your child with learning opportunities.

In the meantime students should continue to silent read their AR books and take quizzes. Students will have access to Renaissance Place from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Students will also continue to have access to ALEKS to work on their math skills. If you need your child's username or password please contact me.

Mrs. Baughman 

Food Pantry:

The Sheffield-Sheffield Lake Food Pantry at Forestlawn will remain open. The next pick-up date is March 17 from 4:00-6:00 pm. The food items will be pre-boxed for quick pick-up.  

Mr. Sampson's Music Class Link 

Click on the link below and scroll down to find the 4th grade music assignments. 

Music Class Assignments 


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you matter
 "We cannot let CoVid19 or any other crisis set limits on a student's potential to learn.  Even if they are living in a crisis, whether it be racism, poverty, or this current crisis." ~~Martin Anderson, teacher 
Student-Teacher Conferences 4/27 on 4/27/2020
Meeting Organizer: Amy Baughman - [email protected]

Please reserve your meeting below by clicking the button next to the timeslot of your choice. After you click Reserve, please enter the required information and any questions/comments you may have. An email will confirm your reservation. The meeting organizer will be able to email you in case of any changes.

Location: Google Meet
From: 9:00 AM To: 9:15 AM
Location: Google Meet
From: 9:15 AM To: 9:30 AM
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From: 9:30 AM To: 9:45 AM
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From: 9:45 AM To: 10:00 AM
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From: 1:45 PM To: 2:00 PM
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From: 2:00 PM To: 2:15 PM
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From: 2:15 PM To: 2:30 PM
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From: 2:30 PM To: 2:45 PM
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From: 2:45 PM To: 3:00 PM
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From: 3:00 PM To: 3:15 PM
Location: Google Meet
From: 3:15 PM To: 3:30 PM

Mrs. Baughman

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