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Thank you parents and students for all of your hard work and support as we ended our school year in a way a few months ago was unimaginable.  I truly appreciate all of your efforts and I wish everyone a healthy, relaxing and fun summer!
Mrs. McCann 

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Hi Math Students!  
Wow, I can't believe we won't be seeing each other for three weeks, I will definitely miss you but I am thankful we can all remain safe and healthy during this time.  
I am sure you are wondering what to do during this time at home, so I have created a Google Classroom for each math class and have invited you to join the class (I see some of you already have :-) ).  In Google Classroom I will be providing you with activities that will keep your math skills sharp and will also be providing you with activities and videos for some new math concepts that we had planned on learning over these next few weeks.  Please check Google Classroom as often as you can and enjoy the activities. 
We also can spend this time at home working on Aleks (  If for whatever reason you forgot your username/password please ask a parent to email me and I will get it to you.  I would like for you to spend about 20 minutes a day or 100 minutes a week working on Aleks if possible.  Aleks is such a great learning tool for us!  If you complete your current grade level pie, I will be notified by email and will definitely move you onto the next grade level (I would love to see a lot of pies getting completed!) 
I am looking forward to our return to school in a few weeks and will be thinking of you during this time apart.   
-Mrs. McCann 



Please see the "FIFTH GRADE HOMEWORK" link to the right to see tonight's homework for ALL 5th grade teachers.
Thank You!
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