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What Does A Speech Language Pathologist Do?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) work in many settings that can include hospitals, clinics, private practice and schools.  In the school setting, SLPs work with students who have communication problems that affect their success in classroom activities, social interactions, literacy and learning.  These communication problems may be the result of delays or disabilities in the areas of language, fluency or articulation (speech sound production).

Ways to improve speech & language when we are not in school...

Watch short videos together. (Check out Storyline Online for some short fun books while older students may prefer watching clips from CNN10.)  Have your child identify different characters.  Have them retell what happened using complete sentences. (Story retell can help improve summarizing, identifying the main idea,and sequencing among other skills).  You can also discuss new or funny vocabulary words.  Choose one to be your word of the day!
Many board and card games work on valuable language skills like turn taking, using polite speech, using complete sentences, describing, comparing & contrasting, perspective taking, and more.  Look in your closet and pull out games like Scattergories, Apples to Apples, Guess Who, Catch Phrase, Password, Headbandz, & Catan Junior or other "trading" games.  Play a describing game such as I Spy or 20 Questions.   Look at the games on your phone or check out free game apps.
While competing against a timer can be fun, it may also be an overwhelming challenge for those with language difficulties.  Try extending the time or remove the time element from the game completely!   
Get creative!  Don't own Headbandz?  Write words on Post-it notes or little pieces of paper.  For Scattergories, create list of 10-15 items (for each round).  Use any type of letter tiles (like Scrabble tiles) or point to a letter in a book to choose your letter and GO! Use a free Charades app but instead of acting out the word or phrase, describe it (and, of course, you canNOT say the target word)!
Choose a book to read together (either a short book or read a chapter at a time).  As you read, or after you finish a section, talk about things like:
  • character
  • what problems does the character have?
  • setting
  • predicting what will happen next
  • vocabulary and word choices (multiple meaning words, synonyms, antonyms)

Finally,  if you have any questions or want more specific ideas for your family,  please contact me at [email protected]   

Mrs. Morgan
Speech Language Pathologist 
Sheffield - Sheffield Lake City School District 


 Storyline Online: watch  and listen to short book read by actors.  This website also features pages with extra activities for parents and teachers to do with children.   website where educators share activities, games, and worksheets that they have created.  Example games include:
Inferences & Drawing Conclusions:
CNN10: CNN news for kids
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