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Mrs. Terra

Have a wonderful summer!!

I hope everyone has an awesome summer!  Be safe and stay healthy!
Mrs. Terra 
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Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, and healthy weekend!  I miss you all very much. 
This is our last week of school.  Please complete and turn in any missing assignments.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  Priority should be on ALEKS assignments, time/topics, Online Textbook assignments, and then Google Forms.  Most of you have your assignments in and are all set.  You can work on ALEKS, if you like.  ALEKS will be available until mid-August.  Let me know if you need help with a topic.   
I have posted the link to the seventh grade exploratory choice form and the flyer for the Food Pantry tomorrow in Google Classroom .
Have a wonderful week!
Mrs. Terra 
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Week of May 26-29

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
This week, I would like all students to complete any missing assignments.  Online textbook assignments should be completed first, then Google Forms, and then ALEKS time/topics.  If your child is done with all of his/her work, they may work on ALEKS or challenge themselves with chapter 8-8 (Block 3) or being creative with the data project (Blocks 1 and 2).  Any challenge work may be shared wiith me as a Google document.
Today:  Tuesday, May 26th:  Zoom Office Hours:
12:00-12:30  Block 1
12:30-1:00  Block 2
2:00-2:30  Block 3
Thursday, May 28th:  Zoom Scavenger Hunt  
11:30 - 12:00  All classes! 
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a great week!
Melissa Terra 
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Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

All math classes:  Please use this weekend and next week to complete any missing assignments.  Please let me know if you need any help completing assignments, locating assignments, etc.  I am available by phone or Zoom.  :)
I will hold Zoom classes on Tuesday for review and questions.
I will hold a Zoom For Fun on Thursday.
Zoom invites will be posted in Google Classroom.  I hope to see you all there!!  :) 
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Food Pantry Tuesday at BHS!!

I have posted the flyer in each of my Google Classrooms.  :) More +

Week of May 11 - 15 Blocks 1 & 2

Good Afternoon!
We are working on Chapter  9 Area.
Monday: Chapter 9-1 Area of Parallelograms in online textbook
Tuesday: Chapter 9-2 Area of Triangles in online textbook
          Zoom: 11:00 to review  (30 minutes)
Wednesday: Chapter 9-3 Area of Triangles in online textbook
          Zoom:  1:00 Kahoots
Thursday: Complete Chapter 9-1 through 9-3 assignments
          Zoom:  11:00 to review (30 minutes)
Friday:  :)
No ALEKS goals this week!  Please make sure you have caught up with ALEKS for this quarter.  You may work on ALEKS anytime!  :) 
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Week of May 11 - 15 Block 3

No ALEKS goals this week!  However, students may work in ALEKS anytime to prepare for next year.   
Monday:  Chapter 8-1 in online textbook
Tuesday:  Chapter 8-2 in online textbook; 8-1/8-2 Assessment
                  Zoom 12:00 to review (30 minutes)
Wednesday: Chapter 8-3 in online textbook
                  Zoom 1:00  to play Kahoots 
Thursday:  Chapter 8-4 in online textbook; 8-3/8-4 Assessment
                  Zoom 2:30 to review (30 minutes) 
Friday: Catch up Day!! 
Let me know how I can help you and/or child.  I am available by phone, email, or Zoom. 
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Week of May 4 - May 8

Good Morning!
I apologize for the delay in posting this week's assignments.  My laptop crashed yesterday and I needed to purchase a new one.  I am now up and running, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns. 
Blocks 1 & 2: 
*The first goal is to complete the Chapter 8 Test in the online workbook.  I have posted a Google Slide presentation on how to login to the site and the how to get to the chapter test in Google Classroom.  Let me know if your child has any problems finding the test.  
*ALEKS goal for the week is to complete 5 topics
*I will post lessons with activities on perimeter and area for Wednesday-Friday.  There will be a Google Forms quiz to accompany the lessons.
Block 3: 
*The first goal is to complete the Chapter 7 Test in the online textbook. (many students have completed this already)
*Students should make sure they understand how to solve equations (chapter 8-1).
*I will post lessons on chapter 8-2 and 8-3 Wednesday-Friday.
*There will be no ALEKS goals this week.  Students should have 15 topics earned since the intial knowledge check.  This is a makeup week.  Please contact me with any questions regarding ALEKS goals or topics.  I am available to help students choose and understand topics.
I will hold Zoom lessons on Thursday.  An invite will be posted in Google Classroom.  We will review lessons for the first half and attempt to play a game for the second half.  :)
Have a wonderful week!
Melissa Terra 
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Week of 4/20-4/26

Here are the assignments that are posted in Power School.  Students may complete and turn in any missing or incomplete assignments.  Let me know if I can help or support you and your child in any way.
All assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  If you would like another invite to Google Classroom, please let me know.  Send me an email with your name, child's name, and the email you would like to use. 
(Block 1 & 2)
Students may complete these and turn them in this week.  All assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  
*Ch. 8-2 Function Tables/Function Rules (Google form) 
*Ch.8-4 Quiz (Google form) 
*Functions and Equations Quiz (ALEKS)
*ALEKS goals - 5 topics 
(Block 3)
*4/21 Bellwork (Google Form)
*Ch. 7-5 (Google Form)
*ALEKS Quiz Simplifying Expressions (ALEKS) 
*ALEKS goals = 5 topics 
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 April 27 - May 1
Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  It is difficult to believe that Friday is May 1st!  This is a great time of year for kids to get outside to look and listen for signs of spring. 
Remember that all assignments are posted in Google Classroom.  If you or your child has any questions regarding our lessons or ALEKS topics, please let me know.  I am here to help.
Blocks 1 and 2:  This week we are finishing up chapter 8.  We will work on lesson 5 "Inequalities", lesson 6 "Write and Graph Inequalities", and lesson 7 "Solve One-Step Inequalities".  There is a video, a lesson, practice problems, and assessments for each lesson posted in Google Classroom.  We will review this chapter and take an assessment early next week.  I will have a Zoom class on Thursday to review the chapter.  
Block 3:  Today we are taking our chapter 7 assessment.  This week we begin chapter 8 on equations and inequalities.  We will work through lesson 1 "Solving Equations with Rational Coefficients", lesson 2 "Solving Two-Step Equations", and lesson 3 "Writing Equations".  I will have a Zoom class on Thursday to review.  
I post examples, videos, assessments, and activities on Google classroom for each lesson.  If your child needs help or has a question regarding any lesson or ALEKS topic, have them contact me anytime.  Please let me know how I can support you and your child during this time.  
Have a wonderful week!  Stay healthy!
Mrs. Terra 
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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!! 
I will update Power School today.  Assignments will be marked as "collected" once turned in.  Assignments that have not been turned in will be left blank.  Students may complete and turn in assignments late, if necessary.  I will give one grade per week.  Please let me know if your child needs help with any assignment.  
   Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.  I am here to help.  Let me know how I can help you and your child. 
I miss the students greatly and I hope to see many of them in my Zoom classes this week!  
Have a wonderful week!  Stay healthy!
Melissa Terra 
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Spring Break

 Happy Friday!
Spring break is Friday, April 10th - Sunday, April 19th.  Please enjoy this time with your family.  There will not be any assignments during this time. However, students can work on missing assignments and/or ALEKS if they want something to do.  I will begin posting new assignments on Monday, April 20th.   
I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and wonderful spring break!!
Mrs. Terra 
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Monday, April 6 - Thursday, April 9

 Good Morning!
   I have posted the assignments for this week in Google Classroom.  Students have 5 spiral review bellworks to work on throughout the week. These will be submitted to my Google Drive.  Students will receive full credit for completing and submitting the bellworks.  If a student has difficulty with the assignments, I will work with them and give them an opportunity to redo it.  Students should also continue working in ALEKS.  I have set a goal of 30 minutes and 2 topics for this week.  Students are encourage to work in ALEKS as much as possible.   
   After Spring Break, I will post a schedule of Zoom classes that students may participate in.  I will offer acual instruction, as well as time for students to ask specific questions about their work on a class assignment or in ALEKS.  I look forward to seeing the students and hearing about how they are doing. 
Stay safe and healthy!  
Mrs. Terra 
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 Good Morning!
Happy Red & Black Day!!
Today and tomorrow are "catch up" days! Please make an effort to complete your math assignments from last week and this week. They are all posted in the classwork section of Google Classroom. A few of you have everything turned in, so you can work on ALEKS or read a book (it would be library day).

ALEKS:  (Block 1 and 2)
1. Complete Ch. 6 Review Quiz (only 3 students need to do this and I created an extension for you).
2. Chapter 8 Pre-Assessment

Lessons:  (Block 1 and 2)
1. Complete the Questionnaire #2 from yesterday
2. 3/26 Math Workbook Scavenger Hunt
3. 3/24 Better Buy Taco Tuesday activity
4. 3/23 Nearpod Lesson - Login to and use the code: OVLBC
ALEKS: Block 3
1.  Chapter 7 Pre-Assessment (six students need to complete this)
Lessons:  Block 3
1.  3/23 Nearpod lesson code:  KTAOZ
2.  3/23  Test Form 2B Review (make sure you share it with me in Google)
3.   3/24  Week 1 Day 2 Bellwork
4.  Chapter 7-2 Assessment (only 3 of you need to do this)
5.   3/26  Textbook Scavenger Hunt
6. **Questionnaire #2

Thank you! Have a great day!!
Mrs, Terra
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Happy Friday!
I believe almost all students are now able to access their Google classroom for math and the online math textbook.  I have reached out to those parents/guardians who are not using Remind, which I will be using for announcements and assignments.  If you would like an invite to our Google classroom, please email or text me with the email you would like me to use and your child's name.   If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the math assignments, Google classroom, Remind, or the online textbook, please email me at [email protected] or text me through Remind. I will post next week's assignments on this website and through Google classrom.  
Next week is Spirit Week!  
Monday - Super Hero Day
Tuesday -  USA Day
Wednesday - Crazy Sock Day
Thursday - School Spirit Day
Friday - Pajama Day & Crazy Hair Day 
Stay healthy and enjoy your family time!
Mrs. Terra 
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 Thursday, March 26, 2020
I have posted today's lesson in Google Classroom.  Please send me an email with your name, email address, and child's name if you would like an invite to your child's Google Classroom for math.  All assignments and activities can be accessed through Google Classroom.  I will continue to post weekly assignments on this website, as well.  
*Your child should have received an email regarding their username/password for our online textbook.  Please ask your child to show you how they login.
*Students should continue to meet their ALEKS goals.  Students in Block 1 and Block 2 should have 100 minutes and 15 topics since we have been home.  This will be added to our third quarter grades.  Block 3 should have completed the initial knowledge check for the new pie and 2 topics by Friday. 
I hope everyone is healthy and enjoying their family time.  Please email me with any questions, concerns, or an update on how you and your child are doing.  I miss everyone!
Mrs. Terra 
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Tuesday 3/24/20 - Lessons are posted in Google classroom; students should continue to work towards their ALEKS goals weekly More +

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy weekend!!  Please check our Google classroom for today's assignment. 
Parents and guardians, please send me your email (and child's name) if you would like an invite to our Google classroom.  I post lessons, activities, videos, announcements, etc. in Google classroom.   :)
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Don't forget to check out Ms. Meckes' website and Google classroom for information on School Counseling related articles, activities, videos, etc.!! More +

Thursday, March 19, 2020
I miss all of you so much!  I sure hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy!  
Please check your Google classroom daily for assignments, announcements, etc.  I would like everyone in Block 1 and Block 2 to log into the online textbook today.  Details will be posted in Google classroom.  
Block 3:  We do not have an online version of the textbook at this time.  I am going to make some changes in ALEKS today to help us with our daily lessons.  Please check our Google classroom for details.
On Monday, I sent an invite to all students to join a Google classroom.  I will begin posting assignments through Google classroom daily.  If your child does not have a computer or internet access, please let me know.  I am available to students through email [email protected], Google classroom, and the message center in ALEKS. Parents can contact me at [email protected], as well.
Continue working on ALEKS.  Remember, the "explanations" are very helpful in ALEKS when you get stuck.  I am also available to help.  If you need help, please let me know which topics are difficult. 
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Mrs. Terra
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