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Girls Volleyball 2020-2021

Any 6th grader interested in playing 7th grade volleyball in the fall, please email Coach Larrick [email protected] as soon as possible!  We have a Google Classroom and are scheduling Zoom meetings to keep everyone on the same page.   More +

Google Classroom Due Dates and Grading

Google Classroom due dates:
Please be advised due dates in google classroom are weekly recommendations ONLY and are totally flexible! STUDENTS HAVE UNTIL THE END OF THE TERM TO COMPLETE ALL GIVEN ASSIGNMENTS from any of the weeks:)
A note about grading for the 4th term:
The entire distict is grading Pass/Fail. For my class the expectation is to complete 60% of the weekly assignments given (excluding Assessments) with 60% or greater accuracy/correctness. For example if there are 5 assignments for the week your child will need to choose 3/5 or 60%  and complete them with a grade of 60% or higher. Of course they are able to complete more assignments for a higher weekly %age; how much they choose to complete above 60% is up to them/you. The scores will be reflected as weekly points in Powerschool and will need to average out to be 60% or more by the end of the 4th Term to receive a Pass for the 6th grade year.
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Science Review through Study Island

Hello Parents and Students-
As a review I have signed up the 6th grade Students Study Island Science Concepts that have been studied this year. You should have received an email regarding Study Island. Most students have logged on to Study Island and have begun working through the Science Review Concepts. There is a Diagnoic pre-test which may or may not have information you have not studied yet. No worries- those concepts will be added and assigned as we move forward this term and will not count against you.
Login information using your own name is as follows: 
 User Name:            [email protected]
 Password:               Vertucci
Please Note:(both the first initial and last name first letter are in caps and seperated by a period  J.V in the User Name and a capital 1st letter of Last name in the Password)
Please email me if you are having login trouble and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 
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BIS Building Access

Please look for Mr. Rahm's most recent weely email information regarding building access sign up to clean out lockers by the end of the year- sign up as soon as possible- 6th grade will have garbage bags and student name labels on each locker- there is also a list of locker numbers posted on the wall by each classroom. I have put a variety of items on the small table outside my room -if they are yours please take them otherwise hands off:) There will also be a donation box for any gently used supplies you may not be using and would like to donate and garbage cans for paper disposal. I would appreciate your removing everything out of the lockers while keeping the hallway area as clean as possible:) Thank you for your cooperation and have a great Summer! More +

Connect Codes for Google Classroom

Mr. Sampson 6th Grade Code:


Miss Fadenholz 6th Grade code: 


Mrs. Brown 6th Grade Code:


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Social Emotional Health Learning Opportunities

Please be advised that our wonderful school counselor, Miss Meckes, will be posting School Counseling related activities, articles, and videos to her website and google classroom. She will also be putting a monthly guidance lesson for 3-6 graders on her google classroom. Please take advantage of these wonderful opportunities during this time of great transition by going to the staff directory and clicking on her link:)
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Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Science Class Codes (Also Located on the The Class Tab when you join through Google Classroom)
1A: y2q6kbo
1B: hhp7h6d
2A: srd2sfe
2B: knowv7d
3A: miuk2l3
3B: s3s4wes 
 Science World Code: Vertucci
Zoom Meeting Times, ID, Passwords
Blocks 1A & 1B 1:00-1:30 P.M.          ID 767 7780 6835  Password: 1X6NhK
Blocks 2A & 2B 1:30-2:00 P.M.          ID 713 8337 0220  Password: 0Acu3Q
Blocks 3A & 3B 2:00-2:30 P.M.          ID 756 3908 5820  Password: 6w0thn
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