Title I - Defined & Student Resources

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Title I - Defined & Student Resources

What is Title I?

Title I is a federal program that provides additional math and/or reading instruction. All buildings are school-wide Title I schools, which means all students can benefit from the programming. Through a multi-criteria process, children that would benefit the most from intervention strategies are identified. These children may just need some extra instruction with math or reading or more time to absorb the information.

What are the goals of Title I?

The Title I program strives to provide an environment that:

*  Promotes a positive attitude toward math and/or reading 
*  Improves student achievement in reading/writing and math
*  Builds students' self-esteem and confidence
*  Enables parents to be math and reading partners with their child

How does my child qualify for Title I?

Several different criteria are used to qualify a student.. STAR Testing and diagnostic tests are just a couple of criteria used by teachers. Teacher recommendations, parent recommendations, student screening information and other student data are used to determine eligibility for Title I services.

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