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Important College Credit Plus Information for 6th Graders Don’t let your student miss out on taking college classes during the 2020-2021 School year. Read More
Important Info About Lunch
Important Info About Lunch
Pre K - 6th Cost is:
Breakfast $1.50   Reduced is $.30
Lunch $2.75   Reduced is $.40
The recommended option is setting up a PayForIt account (there is a link on our main page).  With this, you can add and manage money electronically on a student account.
We will be continuing the safety/traffic reduction policy of not allowing parents/visitors to come in for lunch.  You are welcome to sign your child out for Lunch and Recess to have lunch with them.  Thank you for your cooperation.  
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BIS Student Handbook for 2019-2020 -- click here to view
BIS Student Handbook for 2019-2020 -- click here to view Please review this document to answer many of your questions about our policies. Read More
Important Vaccination Information for Current 6th Grade Students
Important Vaccination Information for Current 6th Grade Students Attention parents of 6th grade students! The Lorain County Public Health Department reminds you that before a student can enter 7th grade they must receive one dose of the Tdap vaccine and one dose of the meningitis vaccine. See your medical provider or make an appointment with the Lorain County Public Health Department to get the vaccines your student needs. Call 440-284-3206 for an appointment.   Read More
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ILL? Know when to stay or go (Click here to view some helpful info) Here are some helpful guidelines from the school nurse. Read More
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Cardinal Ticket Winners Announced!!!
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BIS Cardinals of the Month
BIS Cardinals of the Month
        Each month the teachers for Brookside Intermediate School select a student from each grade level who excels in the classroom and with The Cardinal Way. The Cardinal Way focuses on being safe, respectful, responsible and a problem-solver. Cardinals of the Month also try to consistently do their very best in the classroom, at lunch and recess and on the school bus. BIS Cardinals of the Month represent our exemplar role models for all students. The following students have been honored as our current Students of the Month:
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Click here to see the BIS Student Handbook This is part of the planner given to all BIS students.  Please refer to it for any questions about procedures and policies.  Thank you Read More
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BIS Brings Home Trophies From Worlds!!!

After earning 5 of the 6 Ohio qualifying spots for Worlds in only its third year of existence, BIS Elementary Robotics sent 4 teams to Louisville Kentucky to compete against the 480 top teams from around the world. Teams 6403W and 6403Z were in the top 25% for much of the competition and achieved some of their highest scores of the year.  Team 6403X was awarded one of 4 Energy Awards and Team 6403V earned one of 4 Design Awards.  Pictures of X and V with their trophies are attached (Click on the red title of this story to see the attachments).  Congratulations to all and their coaches, Mr. Landis and Mr. Rion, for representing our small community so well at the World level!!

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Internet Safety Assembly Held at BIS

This morning, the 5th and 6th grade students attended an assembly called “Is It Worth the Risk?” presented by the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  The presentation was filled with techniques, safety tips, relevant internet safety issues, and real-life examples geared toward helping students make educated and informed decisions while online. 

The presentation’s main theme was “THINK BEFORE YOU POST!”, which was supported with discussions about protecting oneself (information, content, and data) and the harm caused by cyberbullying.  Another significant theme was warning students about the devious ways strangers can obtain your information and coerce you to become a victim.  The presentation concluded with a discussion about the importance of taking action and reporting anything suspicious or harmful that they see online to a trusted adult.

We encourage you to continue this conversation with your children about internet safety.  We are looking to have a similar presentation for parents in the near future.  Our speaker offered the following tips for parents:

  • Do not allow your child to password protect or otherwise hide their activity on any device with internet access.
  • Talk to your child about online sexual victimization and potential online dangers.
  • Do not allow your child to give out identifying information on their profile such as name, address, school name or phone number.
  • Set rules for internet use for your children.  Discuss them and make sure that they are followed.
  • Regulate the amount of time your child spends online.  Excessive use, especially late at night, may indicate a problem.
  • Instruct your children never to arrange a face-to-care meeting with someone they meet online.
  • Review messages on your child’s social media accounts and cell phone. 
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Changes to AM Drop-Off and Dismissal Pick-ups at BIS

February 23, 2018

Dear BIS Families,

We have looked at some of our student pick-up and drop-off procedures to see if there is anything that can be done more safely or efficiently.  Our staff is always putting students first and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we try a few new procedures.  As always, we have numerous staff members with two-way radios stationed at various points of the building and grounds during drop-off and pick-up.

Morning car rider drop-offs can be hectic for parents, as there is a small window between 8:30 AM when the school can be open for students and the tardy bell at 8:40 AM to begin the learning day.  The doors will be locked at 8:40 AM.  We know that parents have other children to drop-off elsewhere and many have jobs to be on-time for.  We started the year like last year, with staff members opening the car doors for one or two cars at a time to help keep things moving in a very friendly manner. 

We heard a concern that this method may be unsafe and we considered the concern seriously.  We then allowed parents to simply stop one at a time with staff supervising at the school entrance.  This method often proved to be too slow, especially on days with bad weather and heavier car rider traffic.  Students were coming in well after the day was set to start.

Our new practice was tested last week and the feedback was positive. 

1.     To start some days, we may additionally open the northwest door, which is just down from the primary door (towards the BHS/BMS Campus).  This will help us move some of the initial long lines coming in from Harris Road. 

2.     Once we have helped the line out with this second door, we can close the door and cars will then resume drop-off as before, with the cars stopping one at a time at the primary door letting students out.

3.     This new plan will just ask for a little flexibility on the part of the drop-off cars as sometimes a second door is used and sometimes only the primary door will be in use.  You will always know when the second door is being utilized as staff members will be waving you forward to another staff member supervising the second door.

One final note about car lines, please do not enter the car line from the opposite direction, or drive around other cars, or drop your student off early. It is not safe for our students. We have been advised by the Sheffield Village Police Department to prevent this scenario.

Considering recent national events, we have also decided on some enhancement measures for the end of the day. 

1.     As our building nears dismissal at 3:25 PM, students are moving throughout the building, and staff is preparing for dismissal.  Students are systematically dismissed as either walkers, car riders or bus riders. 

2.     Except for emergency situations parents may have, parents or guardians are not allowed to wait in the lobby to meet their student for dismissal.  If you need an early dismissal prior to 3:10 PM, please arrange that as usual with a note and/or message.  After 3:10 PM, you will need to pick up your student(s) in the car rider line if they are not a walker or a bus rider.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. 

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Those Pesky Varmints- Lice Head lice have become more and more of a problem over the last few years. Read More
Transportation Reminder
Transportation Reminder Any change in dismissal procedure, such as picking up a child during or after school or a change in after school child care, must be stated in writing to the child’s teacher daily. Also, have you discussed a “Plan B” with your child in cases of an emergency? If your child arrives home, and for some reason you are not there, they need an alternate plan of safety in place.
Power School Parent Portal
Power School Parent Portal For Power School Parent Portal Access Click Here Read More
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SAFETY SKILLS REMINDER We’ve noticed two safety skills that some of our students need more reinforcement at home. Read More
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